Here’s To Embracing Earth Inspired Bathrooms

29 Jun

Here’s To Embracing Earth Inspired Bathrooms

Whether you’ve got an undying love for the nature, passionate with everything subtle with a hint of earth and have your Facebook and Instagram Bios  screaming nature lover in capitals, or you’re simply intrigued with the idea bringing the natural world into not only your home but your bathroom as well, to create a modern and sophisticated décor, catch up on a style and design that’s never failed to be on trend, and wisp your plans into a reality, read below for a few cool tips that undeniably embrace earthly inspirations bringing green and of course serene in to your bathrooms.

A Palette of Stone, Wood and Metal.

Bathrooms are one of those rooms frequently used by us, be it to have mini concerts with non-existent fans whilst showering, or effectively procrastinate reminiscing awkward moments that happened years ago whilst sitting on the toilet. So it’s only fair to make sure they evoke a feeling of peace and relaxation and of course the best way to do that is by bringing in nature. You can pull an organic and natural looking master bath, whilst sticking to a simple palette of stone, wood and a hint of metal. You could also consider going for hard-wearing materials inspired by the outdoors.

Ladders and Light.

Rather than opting for sleek and modern racks, you could instead place a ladder between the private toilet compartment and the bath tub, for an absolutely splendid towel rack. As absurd as it sounds, this accent will not only act as an efficient and functional towel rack but will complement well with a nature inspired bathroom. Also, add light, or more like let light wash over your room through large windows that keep away the prying eyes. If large windows aint possible, go for softer and subtle lightings and vanity lamps, to throw in brightness.

Showers with Tropical Vibes.

Incorporating an outdoor shower can only seem possible in dreamy movies, but fortunately that’s possible, even if you’re living in Kensington with  bathroom space enough to a accommodate two rats. I mean not exactly, but dreamy outdoor showers can now be a reality that’s a luxury both useful and relaxing and you can incorporating them by, punching through the shower wall, and building a shower that opens up to the outdoor igniting tropical rainforest vibes. And since you’re communing with the nature, make sure use all natural products.

Wooden Baskets and Brick Walls.

To give your bathroom, the much needed aesthetic look it deserves, you can incorporate hand-woven baskets that hide underneath the sink, and throw in hand carved wooden bowls to keep your skin care routine go in full swing. Another inspiration worth considering would be to exposed brickwork for your walls, whilst they make sure they look better with age, and never go out of date, you’ll also be bringing a striking style and rich tones of Australian landscape.

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