The benefits of buying a hdb build to order flat

23 Jul

The benefits of buying a hdb build to order flat

One of the major life decisions that many Singaporeans have to make is buying a home of their own. But buying a home is a major responsibility and one that not many people are ready for. Because of this reason, many citizens often turn to flats and apartments instead. While there are options regarding this as well, hdb build to order flats have taken a major spot in the country. Choosing an apartment or a flat is a major life decision without a doubt and one that everyone should do very carefully. If not, you may end up getting stuck in a flat lease that leaves you with no way out and a flat that does not meet your needs! This is why it is such an important and careful decision to make. Out of build to order flats and resale flats, build to order flats are simply more beneficial for any adult. Here are some of the benefits of buying an hdb build to order flat.

Optimal flat layout

It is a very common thing to listen to many people often complaining about the size of their flat being too small. It is true that the size of flats have reduced in a remarkable way and this is why you need to combat this issue head on. However, it is clear to see that in comparison to the layout of older flats and even resale flats, the layout of an hdb built to order flat is much bigger. This means you are going to have more space in your flat for sure.

It is cheaper to renovate

Some individuals wish to renovate their bto flat as soon as they lease it and others allow it to happen with time. A normal home renovation or even a resale flat renovation is something people are reluctant to do because it can cost a lot of money. But a bto renovation price is actually going to be quite low in comparison to other renovation projects. This means you can customize your flat space and renovate it as you wish but it would not be too expensive to afford! This is why bto flats are superior once more.

A longer lease

If you look at this through an investment point of view, the longer your lease, the better. A lot of apartments and flats have very short leases that will end in no time and force you to move. But a bto is something that will have a much longer lease for you!

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